Target 120 Touches Down in Halls Creek

Published on Thursday, 29 February 2024 at 9:00:00 AM

The Wunan Foundation has successfully received grant funding to provide early intervention for 10 at-risk young people aged between 10 and 14 years, and their families, to reduce rates of juvenile reoffending.

The Halls Creek based program is part of a broader statewide program, dubbed Target 120 that is designed to bring agency resources together to support young people at risk of becoming prolific offenders, and their families, on a voluntary basis. The program is an initiative of the Western Australian government and has been successfully rolled out to a number of remote communities already including the West Kimberley.

The program will see Community Youth Officers (CYOs) working in conjunction with Local Interagency Groups (LIGs) such as Wunan, to identify young people who may benefit from participation in the 12-month program and developing an Individual Support Plan per family.

By taking an individual support approach, Target 120 and Wunan aim to identify and address criminogenic risk factors likely to contribute to the young person’s offending. The CYO also develops an Integrated Service Plan for the family which identifies the areas in which local government agencies and relevant non-government organisations can best provide support by prioritising the family’s needs.

Through supporting both the young person and their family through a tailored support solution, Target 120 aims to provide a holistic intervention to address the factors that lead to offending before the young person becomes a prolific offender. Wunan will be employing a dedicated resource based in Halls Creek to support the initiative and Target 120 will have a resource oversee both the West and East Kimberley initiatives.

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