Lily Lagoon Resort Set to Welcome 17 New Indigenous Staff Members Following Successful $1.26M Grant Bid

Published on Thursday, 18 January 2024 at 9:00:00 AM

Lily Lagoon Resort Set to Welcome 17 New Indigenous Staff Members Following Successful $1.26M Grant Bid

Lily Lagoon Resort, a leading accommodation provider and one of the few Aboriginal owned and operated resorts in the Kimberley, is set to welcome 17 new Indigenous staff members following a successful bid for a $1,265,460 grant aimed at creating Indigenous employment and training opportunities in Community Development Program (CDP) communities.

The grant, delivered under the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) Jobs, Land, and Economy Program, seeks to create employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians in CDP regions facing limited local job prospects. The substantial funding is part of the Australian Government’s phased approach towards replacing the Community Development Program and is a crucial step in facilitating the transition of CDP participants from the income support system into paid employment, emphasising local approaches to job creation. A total of 200 jobs will be created as part of the trial.

Wunan Foundation CEO, Prue Jenkins stated, “We are delighted to welcome these individuals and introduce them to the world of hospitality and tourism at Lily Lagoon Resort. With the support structures we have in place, we are confident we can provide a smooth transition to work and create a unique tourism experience that actively addresses the underrepresentation of Aboriginal people in the tourism and hospitality sector.” Lily Lagoon Resort is one of several social enterprises owned and operated by the Wunan Foundation.

The Wunan Foundation will receive support from various local businesses, with several Kimberley-based employers registering their interest to support the program. These include the HMC Group who operate Aviar, Nexus, HeliSpirit, Bungle Bungle Savannah Lodge, Freshwater Kimberley Apartments, Pumphouse Restaurant and Kimberley Experiences, Kimberley Group Training, Cambridge Hotel and Hotel Kununurra. Roles including food and beverage attendants, housekeepers, gardeners, repair and maintenance workers, tour guides, security, and receptionists will be made available.

The onboarding of the new staff members will be further supplemented by TourismWA under the Jina Plan, providing access to several accredited training programs and specialised culinary classes run by Celebrity Chef Don Hancey and Mark Attard, Activated Hospitality.

Lily Lagoon Resort and Wunan Foundation express their gratitude to the Australian Government and all stakeholders involved for their support in realising this significant step toward creating sustainable Indigenous employment pathways in the Kimberley.

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