Bedford Stock Route Walk

Youth crime is escalating in the East Kimberley, and Indigenous youth face numerous challenges such as poverty, poor health, and intergenerational trauma. 

The Wunan Foundation, a well-established Aboriginal Controlled Community organisation, is proposing an intervention called “The Bedford Downs Stock Route Walk.” This initiative aims to break the cycle of offending behaviour and improve community safety by providing at-risk youth with a transformative experience. 

The program comprises two annual walks, one dedicated to a Boys Group and the other to a Girls Group, each consisting of 20 youths.  

Accompanying them on their journey are 15 Support Crew members trained in their respective areas. This recurring initiative unfolds along the historic 126-kilometre Bedford Stock Route, commencing at Bedford Downs Station.  

The purpose is to provide a secure and culturally enriching experience for young participants, fostering physical, emotional, and cultural well-being. The program is strategically designed to facilitate healing, establish support networks, and uncover opportunities for a brighter future. 

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Contact Information

Address 76 Coolibah Drive (PO Box 1338)
Kununurra WA 6743, Australia
Phone 08 9168 3881