Wunan’s purpose is to ensure East Kimberley Aboriginal people have the agency, aspiration ,and opportunity to make choices that lead to independent and fulfilling lives. Wunan’s vision is to shift the current dependence on welfare among Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley from 80% to 20%. Our Commercial Team and operations aim to support the empowerment of East Kimberley Aboriginal people through our social enterprises and services.

The Wunan Commercial Team focus on sustainable profitable businesses, strategic partnerships, and joint ventures to generate surplus revenue to support strategic priorities. From the success of these operations, Wunan has a reinvestment strategy that supports excellence in the local community and aims to increase the capability and capacity of participation in the economy.

Wunan is actively involved in multiple projects, programs and focus areas under the Commercial umbrella, including;

  • Business Planning Framework in alignment with accreditation standards
  • Lily Lagoon Resort
  • Residential and Commercial Property Development
  • Welfit
  • Wunan Media
  • Wunan Maintenance Service
  • Wunan Construction
  • Wunan Health & Wellbeing Centre
  • Agricultural Strategy
  • iBase
  • Reinvestment Strategy

Wunan's commercial endeavours have positioned the East Kimberley as a hub of Aboriginal enterprise. Ethical, community-centred businesses that emerged from Wunan's vision have grown into profitable ventures that funnel resources back into strategic priorities, driving regional prosperity and ensuring that financial gains translate into broad-based community benefits.

In line with Wunan's purpose, the commercial arm of the organisation grows incrementally to provide steady income and investment back into the community. This contributes to a more robust local economy where Aboriginal people have increased opportunities to gain employment and training and some enjoying business ownership, supporting the goal of lowering welfare dependency.

In 20 years, Wunan's commercial pillar has established a diverse portfolio of profitable enterprises that champion Aboriginal entrepreneurship and employment, fostering economic self-sufficiency and reinvestment in the East Kimberley Aboriginal community. These enterprises are renowned for integrating cultural heritage with modern business practices, making Wunan a model for Indigenous-led commercial success.