Wunan Foundation and MG Corporation Secure Access To Kununurra Hostel for Aboriginal Youth

Published on Friday, 1 March 2024 at 9:00:00 AM

The Wunan Foundation, in collaboration with MG Corporation, are pleased to announce official approval has been granted from Aboriginal Hostels Limited for Aboriginal youth to access the Kununurra Hostel from March to June 2024, with further contract negotiations underway to secure extended usage.

The 42-bedroom facility, originally constructed in 2010 for remote Indigenous students has remained underutilised in recent years, prompting over 12 months of negotiations to repurpose the facility for community benefit. As a result, the Kununurra Hostel has successfully been reclassified more broadly to accommodate Indigenous services and programs, enabling the facility to house a range of initiatives that will promote support for Indigenous youth.

Wunan CEO, Prue Jenkins said "We are thrilled about the opportunity to reactivate the Kununurra Hostel and provide some much-needed support to young people entering employment or training and struggling to find affordable accommodation due to the current housing shortages affecting our community. We cannot understate what a significant milestone this is, and we are fully committed to delivering a sustainable operation that can maximise the potential of this great community asset.”

The Kununurra Hostel will welcome the appointment of a new Hostel Manager, scheduled to commence on March 13th, to oversee the first months of operation where the Hostel will house students from the Kalumburu Remote Community School attending TAFE in March. During this time the hostel will also function as a training centre under the Indigenous Advancement Strategy, offering accredited programs and culinary classes.

"Our commitment extends beyond providing shelter. We envision the Hostel as a hub for educational and vocational training, where individuals can go to achieve their full potential and carve out a better life for themselves and those around them.”, added Ms Jenkins.

Moreover, the Wunan Foundation in partnership with MG Corporation reaffirms their commitment to addressing Kununurra's housing shortage by offering available beds to those lacking suitable accommodation.

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