Pathways to Home Ownership

The Wunan Foundation's Pathways to Home Ownership Program is an initiative aimed at promoting and facilitating home ownership among eligible Aboriginal participants. Funded by the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA), this program has been designed to offer a range of services and support to individuals and families looking to take the first steps towards homeownership. 

Home ownership can provide many benefits for Aboriginal people, including increased stability, financial security, and a sense of pride and belonging. Owning a home can provide a safe and stable environment for families and children, and can help to build wealth and assets over time.  

Additionally, home ownership can promote cultural connection and strengthen community ties, as it provides a place for families to gather, share their traditions and values, and pass them down to future generations. By becoming homeowners, our clients can gain more control over their living spaces and create a sense of place that supports their long-term well-being and prosperity. 

Contact Information


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