Driver Training Programs

Wunan’s Driver Training Program helps young people in the region who do not have access to a vehicle or supervising driver to get their driver's license. The programs match these learners with fully-licensed mentors who guide and assist them in their driving practice. 

The program's instructors are highly supportive and provide personalised instruction to help participants develop the necessary skills to become confident and safe drivers.  

Obtaining a driver's license is a crucial step in achieving success and engagement in both employment and education, and the Driver Training Program  in the region realise this important goal. The program gives people the freedom and opportunity that comes with a driver's license and opens up new avenues for education and employment. 

The Driving and Equity Program supported by the Department of Transport Western Australia, and the Department of Justice provide Aboriginal people who are in the criminal justice system, or in high schools with high attendance level, enrolled to higher studies or in workplace transition with culturally appropriate driver training and education aimed at helping them retain and regain their driver's licence. 

Having my license will help with work and family commitments. I’ll be able to drop off and pick up my grandkids from school.

Audrey, Driver Training Program participant. 

Contact Information

Address 76 Coolibah Drive (PO Box 1338)
Kununurra WA 6743, Australia
Phone 08 9168 3881