Kimberley Education Excellence Program (KEEP)

The Kimberley Education Excellence Program (KEEP) aims to transform lives and communities through the power of education. The program gives young Aboriginal people from the East Kimberley access to a high-quality private education, a supportive environment, and an extensive range of extracurricular opportunities. 

KEEP’s unique approach is different from other boarding and educational options for Aboriginal students as it is built on the knowledge that Aboriginal students do better while they are away at school if they feel connected to home and culture.  

To achieve this, we offer a home-like setting for the students who live together in a house under the supervision and care of Aboriginal House Parents from the East Kimberley. The House Parents, together with dedicated school staff and after-school tutors, provide the extra emotional, pastoral and educational support the students need to succeed. 

A Track Record of Success 

Since KEEP began as a pilot in 2011, it has achieved remarkable success. The average attendance rate is near 100 percent, the students’ academic outcomes have dramatically improved, and many of them have achieved outstanding leadership and sporting success. 

In addition to their academic pursuits, students at our school actively engage in extracurricular activities. Recently, three of our KEEP students, Sataiya, Indi, and Jae-Dean, took part in the Djinda Ngardak Culinary Experience. During this program, the girls acquired valuable skills pertinent to their pursuit of a Cert II in Hospitality and Food Science qualification.  

This means that more young Aboriginal people from the East Kimberley have an opportunity to receive a high-quality education, enjoy access to a range of extracurricular activities, live in a stable environment and get a chance to see what is possible in life. 

KEEP School Feedback

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